America is the NWO

Ever since the settling of America there have been power players attempting to consolidate the entire land mass. In 1812, Henry Clay and the war hawks wanted to acquire the southeastern portion of Canada. Simultaneously the westward expansion was taking place, and that led to America acquiring northern parts of Mexico such as Texas. Then there is good ole Teddy’s Panama Canal. Today America owns Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. During Trump’s presidency, there were talks about purchasing Greenland. Thanks to the Monroe Doctrine & manifest Destiny, America has become spearhead for globalism.

The last four years America has become more nationalistic. Under Trump’s presidency there were no new wars, and a large amount of troops were sent home. However, the Biden administration immediately returned to business as usual by deploying more troops to Syrian. Additionally, his pick to lead the Pentagon Middle East Desk, Dana Stroul, demonstrates America’s role in globalization. She stated that America’s military owns 1/3 of Syria:

Good news is by building strong communities and families that are self sufficient a lot of this can be avoided on a personal level. Think about the fall of Rome. Do you think some random farmer in the country side experienced the same degree as chaos as those within it’s city limits?

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