Freedom or Slavery?

83% of Americans live in a city and even more depend on a dying system. That was created during the 19th century: Democratic capitalism. During this era, families left the soil for concrete. The logical progression of mankind. Hunter gathers to farmers then farmers to industrialist then industrialist to technologist. This evolutionary process has been accompanied by a narrative stating it’s improving man’s quality of life as well as freeing him for the chains of oppression. However, upon closer examination the opposite is appears to be true.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said, ” “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” In the modern world, most rely on multinational corporations to provide food and or other necessities (like energy) in exchange for debt dollars, which come from the federal reserve; that’s neither federal or a reserve. Therefore, this progression has, inadvertently or not, incarcerated man in the invisible prison of the Zeitgeist.

Companies during the transition from farmers to industrialist persuaded both Americans and foreigners to give up land, family, and culture for a better life. That involved working for strangers to barely afford a small living space and food. As time went on, social programs, labor laws, and increased wages were implemented to solve these problems. Through this process the American dream was created. A lifestyle predicated on dependency sold as freedom.

Humanity has begun the next transition from industrialist to technologist. Replacing democratic capitalism with stakeholder capitalism. No longer requiring the physical migration of people since transportation takes place on a fiber optic cable. In the digital age, the new gold rush is data mining. Smart cities are data hotspots that will be exploited like cities of yesteryear. This time improvements will be global rather than national creating the World dream. The perpetual cycle of false progress leading to false liberation.

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