Republicans are New Muslims.

The new threat to American life is domestic terrorism. That’s why congress is pushing a bill to mitigate it. This was inspired by the storming of the Capitol on January 6th. However, rhetoric like this has been used for years:

Here’s a paragraph from the U.S. Homeland Security study from 2011:

There is empirical and anecdotal evidence that far-right hate groups pose a significant threat to public safety. Far-right extremists commit many violent attacks, and some scholars conclude that far-right extremists, especially groups motivated by religious ideology, are strong candidates to commit future acts using weapons of mass destruction (Gurr & Cole, 2002; Tucker, 2001). Research analyzing data from the Extremist Crime Database has shown that active members of far-right extremist groups have been involved in over 330 homicide incidents in the last 20 years (Freilich, Chermak,
Belli, Grunewald & Parkin; Gruenewald, 2011). Similarly, a national survey of State law enforcement agencies concluded that there was significant concern about the activities of far-right extremist groups, and that more states reported the presence of far-right militia groups (92%), neo-Nazis (89%), and racist skinheads (89%) in their jurisdictions than Jihadi extremist groups (65%) (Freilich, Chermak & Simone, 2009). Despite these important concerns, few projects have empirically studied far-right hate groups in the United States. This study aims to address this research gap by exploring
the factors that distinguish violent far-right hate groups from non-violent far-right hate groups

When Covid first hit, Churches were facing criticism for not closing or following CDC guidelines. Mainstream news demonized them:

Republican voters are more religious than their Democratic counterparts. This is the slow build up officially establish a one party system in favor of progressive ideals. Therefore, religions must be placed below the state. France is leading the way with their attack on so called “radical Muslims:”

The proposed legislation targets home schools, mosques or associations that promulgate an ideology running counter to French values, which authorities have called the “Islamist hydra” that can cultivate violence in some.

With claims by some that the draft law is too soft, or a political maneuver by Macron ahead of 2022 presidential elections to capture followers on the far right, it is likely to see lively debate when it goes before Parliament in coming months

This was just reported by the AP today:

More than three dozen French police officers descended on a small private school in Paris, blocked the 92 students inside their classrooms, took photos everywhere even inside the refrigerator, and grilled the school director.

“It was like they were moving in on a drug deal,” Hanane Loukili, the director and co-founder of the MHS middle and high school said, recalling the Nov. 17 scene.

Loukili didn’t know it then, but a team from the Cell to Fight Radical Islam and Community Withdrawal, or CLIR, had arrived for an inspection. The dragnet sweeps schools, shops, clubs or mosques to rout out “radicalization.” Within a week, a shaken Loukili informed students their school was shutting down.

You reap what you sow, and the American conservatives are now reaping their crops planted during 9/11. Those anti-masker, anti-vaxxers, Christians, and nationalist are the new Muslims. Contrary to popular belief this isn’t a bad thing. Oppression brings one closer to God and reality. With Churches cucking to insanity, those seeking God will have to make their homes a place of worship. Kingdoms of this world will always work to suppress the truth, and they will always fail. I’d recommend studying Orthodox Christianity during the Soviet Union to see what might come to America.

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