Fork in the Road (Flash Fiction)

A shoe fell in front of Steven causing him to jump back. Small enough to fit into his hands, so he picked it up to examine it. Black laces and a white body. With the shoe in one hand, he looked up. Falling again, the shoe kissed the ground. Steven’s face twisted in confusion; his heart froze. All his surroundings including himself were above reflecting like a mirror. Only this mirror played a different reality.

Above Steven was holding a small child gleefully exploring their neighborhood. Both were smiling as they pointed at the neighbors garden beds and random bugs. The boy had Steven’s blue eyes and brown hair.

Shaking his head in disbelief, “what’s happening?” He thought. Pacing back and forth rubbing his temples in front of his home. When out of nowhere, an internal voice said, “Don’t look down.” Instinctively, he did. There below him was an untrimmed face long haired man laying in a lawn with a empty liquor bottle. Steven dropped to all fours to further inspect just to discover it was him……

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