Visions of darkness 
Imperial conquest
breaking the locked chest
releasing that which has been repressed
meeting the cathedral
beating in your breast
where the temporal and eternal intersect
from there I connect
war on a cosmic scale 
visions of light 
show me Christ will prevail 
nail the son of man 
so the son of god can rise
above the sea of lies
walking on water then ridding leviathan
taming leviathan 
slaying leviathan 
resurrection of many men 
creating a kingdom 
without a penny spent

Time is nonsense 
we were born for now 
life's not complex
the future's surprise 
is in today's content
where attention is spent 
can leave on in spiritual debt 
vacant fo any demon to rent
a war within
spilt personalities creation a world of sin
end the lies
follow truth and unify
the body, soul, and spirit
embrace reality 
don't fear it 
search for light 
go near it
He's the Word
listen and you'll hear it 
victory is ours 
transcend both towers
and reconnect to the source of all powers 

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