Seven days. That’s all the time Rozo had left. A bright light peered through metal bars on the floor pressed against the wall. Using his antennas to sense what was beyond the bars, he picked up on something titillating. Reminiscent of a female. He inched forward and slowly crawled from the vent. His legs gripped a cool hardwood floor following the signal. Suddenly, Rozo was lifted off the ground as if being sucked up by a magnet. He heard stories as a young roach of his kind being taken by barbarous giants who enslaved and sometimes tortured them. His antennas moved quickly attempting to determine if this was one of those infamous giants.

He paced back and forth then circled around that glass jar. “How can I see through it but can’t walk outside it?” He asked himself. The only vibrations detected were his footsteps. “Oh no, is this it? I’ve been taken by the giants!” His antennas reached up pleading to nothing; then a burst of energy shot throughout his body leading him to sprint upwards on a side. For a moment, hope began to override the fear, but as he nears the opening his legs slowly lose their grip. Until he smacks the bottom of the jar accepting his fate.

The giant who had taken Rozo was Roger. A young biologist studying insects. They were in his lab where many insects had experienced a similar end. Roger was thumbing through research papers as Rozo was looking at the opening. He then placed the papers on his cream color desk and grabbed his goggles along with his dissection tools. He sat all but the tweezers down by Rozo. Like a claw crane, the tweezers descended into Rozo’s jar and gently gripped his sides to place him upright. After that, he went over to the jar which had a female Cockroach and placed it next to Rozo. He couldn’t believe it. The stories were true!

When Rozo came to, he was outside the jar. No opening above, just blinding lights. He could sense a motion, but his head remained stationary. As time passed his vision grew darker and his senses became dull. His antennas started to fold in like dying leaves. All that was left was his breathing body accompanied by darkness. Moving blindly on Roger’s examination table, completely unaware he would be dead in seven days.


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