Humanity’s Plight

Memories caught in the wheel of time 
Imbuing those alive
Shackling them to beliefs of old with rules to abide
Never allowed to live in the here and now
Welcome to society, the greatest prison of all 
Exit the cave
Hanging from his legs 
A smack on the bottom 
For his lungs to engage 
Then assigned a name 
Stamp and ship it so a suit can flip it
Flesh and blood 
The most valuable commodity 
Easy to tame
Prod with the stick of fear
Shame when he won't adhere
Praise when he's compliant
Hide his spirit deep beneath a pile of leafs  
But love comes wielding fire and water 
To purify with Truth, all his sons and daughters 
Cleansing the sins of their forefathers 
Breaking the fetters of beliefs and rules
Breaking the dam 
So the river meets the ocean 

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