The Great Shortage

As the everything shortage continues, and container ships continue to pile up off the coast of California, Americans are becoming more concerned with the future of our economy and our holidays. Some rumors are circulating that the container ship crisis is so bad that ships are being ordered to stay out 150 miles or more from the coast to not shine a light on just how bad things are.

As Americans get ready for the holidays, they are forced to deal with higher prices and tough decisions due to inflation as well as the shortages. Things could be worse, and every day they are. Over the weekend mass lootings occurred at some high end retail stores in California. It is reported that over 50 people wearing ski masks and armed with prybars and other primal weapons ransacked a Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton on Saturday. The next night a Lululemon store was also hit up.

These different problems could create a snowball effect and I believe this is truly going to be a dark winter for those who wish to enjoy the consumption economy. My advice is to be humble, prepare yourself and your family and stay focused.

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow, Mic

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