Global Jab Resistance

Almost two years into the pandemic, and there are still many questions and concerns we all face. Most people aren’t aware but in many countries there are massive protests some of which are becoming increasingly violent. The reason many people may not know of this is because of a very common side effect of the virus, censorship.

In Europe, protests have been intensifying and recently in some regions of France shots have been fired at authorities. This is especially significant because most countries in Europe don’t enjoy the same gun rights that Americas do. News outlets are reporting that hospitals are becoming overwhelmed due to rising cases and nurse shortages. Yet, vaccination rates are at an all time high.

Some countries are more totalitarian then others requiring proof of vaccination and all kinds of restrictions on freedom. It is becoming more clear that the ultimate divide is becoming if you’re vaccinated or not. Only time will tell how dystopian things will become, just try to not gobble down too much mainstream media fear news.

Don’t forget to start thawing your turkey, Mic

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