The Dawn of a New Age

Everything in this life has an expiration date, and media is no exception:

ESPN, a longtime cornerstone of the Walt Disney Co., continues to lose lucrative pay-TV distribution, shrinking another 10% to end fiscal 2021 at 76 million U.S. households.

Other networks in the ESPN portfolio are seeing erosion. ESPNU, which features college sports, fell from 62 million homes in fiscal 2020 to 51 million this past year. ESPN News, also at 62 million a year ago, slipped to 59 million in fiscal 2021. Earlier this fall, ESPN said it would shut down ESPN Classic as of January 1, 2022. The network had been in a long period of decline, with its business model having been disrupted by the internet and social media.

Legacy media has become so bloated that adapting to change is extremely difficult. That is why we are seeing the rise of new media, and MOT will be one of the cornerstones of tomorrow’s information centers.

Starting in January, we will be expanding our Youtube channel with MOT TODAY and MOT FINANCE. The latter will start on January 7th at 8:30pm. MOT TODAY will start on January 8th at 8:30pm. This is just the beginning. So, stay ahead of the curve and subscribe to MOT MEDIA:

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